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Leather Labels

Leather labels are ideal for working clothes like jeans, heavy jackets, and other work clothing. We can emboss or de-boss your leather and we can also screen print on your leather labels. We use molds to stamp your leather, which creates long lasting, durable branding for all of your rugged clothing. Don't make rugged clothing and you just want leather labels for your clothing? No problem, we do that too.

We also offer faux leather, an inexpensive alternative to real leather. About half the price as real leather with the same look.

Leather Labels


Ordering Information

  • Minimum order 500 pcs
  • Art format preferred: Adobe Illustrator CS or PDF file with Pantone colors.
  • Email art for quotation.

Faux Leather

Faux leather is about 1/2 the price of real leather can be can screen print or embossed, you can barley tell difference between faux and real!

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